Our consulting team is specialized in data science, system architecture and open source technologies. We partner with ebp Global — a supply chain management consultancy — to support our clients completing their projects successfully.

Whether you are interested in the deployment of a new supply chain application, need help with data integration, or want to build a new supervised learning model, our experienced consulting team can provide the guidance and perspective to you.

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Our Expertise

IT Strategy


Legacy System Replacement

Databases and Tableau

Excel and Flat Files




Data Science (ML Modelling)

Agile Deployment Methodology

All our team members are trained to follow Agile software deployment methodologies. Short sprints allow us to rapidly release new versions of your Polygon App until reaching the result you envisioned.

Ever wondered what "Agile" means?

Agile is a proven working methodology for

rapid project completion.

It involves iterative working session or sprints,

resulting in incremental improvements

as time goes by.

It's all about
starting with
a rough design.

Getting every
parts together
helps coordination.

So improvements
can be done

With time everything
eventually comes

But we don't
stop here.

Because we go
beyond your

Deployment Timeline

  • Alpha

  • Beta

  • Go-Live & Hypercare

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LineVerge is a supply chain management software provider. By leveraging our proprietary software AutoMail and Polygon, we help companies automate manual processes, collect high quality data from external supply chain parties and get visibility about operations.

Do your processes involve many manual steps? Is collecting and cleansing data from supply chain partners an issue in your company? We’re here to help. Through years of experience in launching successful supply chain solutions, we are on a mission to make every application as closely tied to the existing practice as possible. Our rule is to adjust the application to the process, not the other way around.

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