Email-based data collection, validation, cleansing and visualization.

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What is AutoMail?

AutoMail is a supplier collaboration engine.

It uses artificial intelligence to collect, cleanse and validate data sent by your supply chain partners via email.

AutoMail vs Platform

Let’s face it. Supply chain collaboration platforms don’t work. Onboarding suppliers is a never ending task that requires large budgets and extensive manpower resources.

Instead of building a platform, why not using an automated and scalable solution?

BeforeAutoMail After


Decide what data you want to collect.

  • Configure your template

  • Define validation rules and auto-cleansing sensitivity

  • Link email addresses and domains to your suppliers


Ask your suppliers to regularly fill the template with their latest updates and send it to a dedicated email address with custom domain. AutoMail will scan every file received and follow-up with suppliers accordingly.

Step 02

Status Report


Monitor the collaboration process and follow-up with suppliers automatically using AutoMail’s rule based email sequence scheduler.

Status Report


Make intelligent business decisions.

AutoMail has a powerful reporting feature which supports the sharing of dashboard reports via email. Read more.

For advanced visualization or for editing the collected data you can connect AutoMail to your Polygon Apps or integrate with your existing BI tools such as Tableau, Qlik or PowerBI.

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Dashboard AutoMail Email
Dashboard AutoMail Email

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