Seamless collaboration across supply chain parties

Seamless collaboration across supply chain parties

LineVerge is a Hong Kong based software company that provides innovative supply chain management solutions to the most complex supply chain problems.

We are a proud partner of ebp Global, a high-performance international consulting firm which supports us in completing Agile deployments from its offices in Hong Kong, Amsterdam, London, New York and Chicago.

We challenge and disrupt the ways supply chain is managed conventionally and are dedicated to helping companies automate and digitalize their core processes with our propriety software AutoMail and Polygon.

Core Values

We aim to give our clients a leading edge by providing the finest IT solution to help them solve the most complex supply chain problems. Our goal is our clients’ success.


  • We value continuous improvement.
  • We keep track of the latest technologies to stay ahead of the curve.
  • We ensure we deliver the finest solutions to help our clients solve the most complex challenge in their supply chain management.


  • We understand that each company has its unique challenges and business needs.
  • We do not force a one-size-fit-all solution upon our clients but are rather flexible in our service to ensure that all needs and challenges are addressed with our solutions.

Trust & Teamwork

  • We build relationships based on openness and trust, and we embed those values into our development process.
  • We work with our clients as a team and we ensure that we are completely transparent with our work.


  • We know that speed is crucial for companies to stay ahead of competition.
  • We use Agile software development approach to deliver solutions to our clients as quickly as possible.
  • We then provide hypercare service to fine tune those solutions to fully address its business needs.

The Latest Technologies

We consistently keep track of emerging technologies to deliver advanced software solutions.

  • Python

  • Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

We use artificial intelligence to optimize our solutions, including, but not limited to, automating practices that were previously managed with Excel spreadsheets, integrating data from multiple sources, and processing data of different formats.

Open Source

The frameworks and libraries that we used to develop Polygon and AutoMail open unlimited possibilities.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to change my current IT framework or practices in order to use AutoMail and Polygon?2019-06-27T16:24:36+08:00

No. Polygon can be configured to communicate with the existing IT frameworks of your company so you do not need to take any extra steps to import the data to the apps manually to process them.

How do I schedule for a demo?2019-03-13T21:09:26+08:00

You may schedule for a demo with us here. You may either use our data or your own data for the demo. We will sign an NDA with you before we obtain any corporate data from you for demo purpose.

How do you manage data access permissions on AutoMail and Polygon?2019-06-27T16:51:31+08:00

We restrict data access by providing different levels of permission to different users in different functions. We have a thorough procedure to deactivate users and their access when they leave the company or function.

How helpful are AutoMail and Polygon if my business nature and practices are unique?2019-06-27T16:49:42+08:00

We understand that each client is different and has unique business needs. The solutions are not one-size-fit-all and are fully configured to serve the unique business needs of individual client. We allow users to validate and overwrite solutions recommended by the apps if necessary to ensure that all business needs, quantifiable or unquantifiable, are captured.

How long does it take to deploy AutoMail and Polygon?2019-06-27T16:24:05+08:00

We use Agile software development approach to deliver solutions to our clients as soon as possible. The alpha version of AutoMail can be ready within 1 working day whereas the alpha version of Polygon can be ready in as short as 3.5 working days upon the completion requirement gathering.. We will then collect user feedback in 3 sprints of 5 days each and provide hypercare for 2 months upon go-live.

How much is the cost of developing and using AutoMail and Polygon?2019-06-27T16:17:52+08:00

It depends on which module you are buying and the complexity of the deployment process. There will be monthly subscription fee if the apps are to be hosted on our cloud. If the apps are hosted on your own premise, we will charge an annual license fee which could be waived from the second year onward should you decide to maintain the app on your own. Contact us to find out more!

What is AutoMail?2019-06-27T16:45:57+08:00

AutoMail is a supplier collaboration engine that collects, cleanses and consolidates the supply chain data sent from the suppliers via emails. It helps companies with complex manufacturing and distribution network to automate information collection from its supply chain partners so as to gain visibility into their end-to-end supply chain.

What is Lineverge?2019-06-27T16:48:03+08:00

Lineverge is the software company that develops AutoMail and Polygon. We also partner with ebp-Global, a high-performance consulting firm, to provide supply chain management consulting and deploy Polygon at our clients site to help them solve their supply chain issues.

What is Polygon, PARALLEL, and CONGRUENCE?2019-03-12T18:01:09+08:00

Polygon is a modular toolkit that builds and connects supply chain applications. PARALLEL is a module of Polygon that automates and optimizes supply planning and demand allocation. CONGRUENCE is another module that fosters supplier collaboration in quality and delivery without having to change their existing practices.

What is the commitment level required from me on AutoMail and Polygon?2019-08-13T22:41:32+08:00

Our apps are scalable. You may deploy AutoMail and Polygon within a brand or business unit and expand the apps across brands, product lines, and locations at a later stage.

What technologies are used in AutoMail and Polygon?2019-06-27T16:26:05+08:00

We use artificial intelligence, as well as proven open-source Python frameworks and libraries to develop AutoMail and the modules in Polygon.

Where will my data be hosted?2019-06-27T16:28:50+08:00

By default, we host your data on our cloud with globally distributed data centers (using AWS). Alternatively, you may choose to host your data on-site using your own AWS or Azure instance, Linux VM or Windows server.

Whom is AutoMail and Polygon for?2019-06-27T16:48:48+08:00

AutoMail and Polygon are intended for users working in supplier management functions, especially those who have to deal with a complex network of manufacturing and material suppliers, fast-moving supply chains and a large range of product.

Will my data be safe on AutoMail and Polygon?2019-08-13T22:42:09+08:00

We put the safety and confidentiality of our clients’ data as our utmost priority. Our apps strictly follow the OWASP guidelines. We have an up-to-date incident response plan that protects corporate data from accidental destruction/loss.

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