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What is Polygon?


Polygon is a modular toolkit to build and connect supply chain applications.

It converts Excel-based processes into systematic applications and uses artificial intelligence to automate data workflows.

Polygon Apps

Not every app has to be built from scratch. We offer a set of pre-built apps, which are being used by our clients in practice and cover standard supply chain processes.


Scenario based Planning down to Transactional Level.

Optimize Your Supply Planning

Optimized allocation of demand to manufacturers by considering duty, MOQs, leadtime, etc.

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Collaboration with upstream supply chain partners

Monitor Delays and Defects

Track the performance of your material suppliers and anticipate shipment issues.

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Tailor Polygon to fit your company's supply chain needs

Get your custom application

We will leverage existing Polygon templates and release an alpha version with your data within 3 days.

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Scenario based planning down to
transactional level.

  • Consolidate demand signals from all customers.

  • Allocate demand to manufacturing resources by considering capabilities, capacities, duty rates, upcharges, MOQs and user-defined business rules.

  • Run multiple allocation scenarios and select the supply plan most in-line with your sourcing strategy.

  • Fine-tune your supply plans by overwriting PARALLEL’s recommendations.


Collaboration with upstream supply chain partners without changing the existing practices.

  • Collect material quality, delivery and inspection related data from upstream supply chain partners.

  • Examine the collected data and use patterns to highlight abnormalities to users.

  • Review clear and concise reports and identify the areas that require actions.

Custom Apps*

Need to cover a non-standard business process? Our data science team is there to release a custom Polygon App for you following an agile deployment approach.


Polygon Clould servers are configured to speed the deployment time while providing the right resources, security, and scalability.

Security Details
  • Scalable production-grade WSGI server as a foundation for your company’s mission critical apps.

  • Single environment for covering multiple supply chain processes.

  • Role-based access for your team and supply chain partners with Polygon’s secure authentication module.

  • Start small and extend your app as you go.

Prefer to host within your company’s internal network?
Have a look at Polygon Enterprise.

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