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Safe, secure, and world-class data processing, all behind your firewall.

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Tailor Made

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What is Polygon?


Polygon is a modular toolkit to build and connect supply chain applications.

It converts Excel-based processes into systematic applications and uses artificial intelligence to automate data workflows.

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Rapid Deployment

Our data scientists will work closely with your supply chain team to fully understand your particular business needs.

The cloud deployment is done through a series of workshops, interviews and extensive review of relevant data sources.

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Keep it Simple

We are all about making lives easier.

So, with Polygon Enterprise, we will help you to:

  • Bridge between IT and the business

  • Offer multi-tenancy with defined permissions and views

  • Utilize your own data and existing APIs

  • Power your analytics with direct Tableau, Spotfire and Qlik integration

  • Deploy at scale with confidence

  • Continuously monitor performance and usage

We’ve Got Your Back

With our agile deployment methodology, we will make sure your application is fully aligned to the the business process and end-users’ expectations.

Ready To Join Forces?

We are stronger together. Partner with LineVerge to implement an embedded supply chain applications that will increase productivity and achieve a higher throughput, engage your end users, and keep you ahead of the curve.

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