In our commitment to continuous improvement, we are excited to announce the February 2024 update to our Autoform application: the integration of a chat box powered by Chat-GPT model 4. This intelligent chat assistant is tailored specifically to assist suppliers in navigating the form-filling process with ease and precision.

Chat-GPT model 4 marks a significant advancement over previous iterations, boasting an enhanced understanding of context, more nuanced language handling, and the ability to provide detailed explanations. This means suppliers receive not just answers, but clear, informed guidance when filling out forms. This leap in AI capability translates into a more intuitive and efficient user experience, reducing the time spent on queries and improving data accuracy.


The synergy between Automail and Autoform is the cornerstone of our data collection process, which is both robust and user-friendly. Here’s how it works:

Automail, utilized by our corporate clients, generates an Autoform link containing prefilled data that is relevant to the specific context of the transaction. This link is secured with a unique hash, ensuring it’s valid for one-time submission only.

This link is then dispatched to the supply chain partner via email, streamlining the data collection process.

Upon receiving the link, the supplier accesses the Autoform page, where they are met with the new chat box feature. As they input the required data, they can interact with the chat assistant for real-time support on various aspects of the form.

Once the supplier submits the form, the data is seamlessly pulled into Automail, where our corporate clients can access and manage it.

Autoform is the interface that suppliers interact with, providing a straightforward and secure platform for data submission. It simplifies the process of collecting information from partners, enhancing the overall efficiency of the supply chain operations.

The integration of a GPT-4-powered chat box into Autoform exemplifies our dedication to leveraging the latest technology to serve our clients. By improving communication clarity and providing instant support, we ensure that our corporate clients and their suppliers can focus on what they do best, with the confidence that data collection is being handled by the best-in-class system.